Charity Search

As many of our customers know, we run monthly charity initiatives to help our local communities.  Each year, we try and find a new local charity that could use our help and support.  Our Mississauga location will continue to work with the Seva Foodbank, however, our Toronto location is planning a new initiative for our 2022 season to support more local charities than ever before!  This year, we will be selecting 5 charities to work with.  Each of the 5 charities will be awarded two months of our charity days beginning March 2022 (Charity 1: March & April, Charity 2: May & June, Charity 3: July & August, Charity 4: September & October, Charity 5: November & December).

The criteria of the selection process is very simple: the organization must be a registered Canadian charity and the organization must operate in Toronto.  Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with all applicants in the next 10 days!