Gelato Flavours – Menu

Nani’s produces a variety of gelato flavours and sorbettos that include both dairy and non-dairy (vegan) options. We specialize in producing Asian, Indian and authentic Italian gelato flavours. Wherever possible, Nani’s always produces our flavour profiles using organic, fresh ingredients (organic cane sugar, organic produce, organic fruits, etc.). In regards to our vegan and non-dairy flavour profiles, we utilize water, rice milk, oat milk, almond milk and coconut milk as our bases to produce a variety of vegan flavour profiles.

A large portion of our nut based flavours are unique due to the fact that we produce our own nut butters in house from scratch (pistachio butter, pecan butter, black sesame butter, almond butter, etc.). For any butters that we are not able to produce in house, we do not purchase concentrated pastes or powders. We work closely with suppliers to find fresh nut butters to maintain a natural gelato flavour profile.

Please note that we only serve 8-10 gelato flavours in our shop each week: 8 gelato flavours and 2 soft serve gelato flavours. We change our flavours every Monday and encourage customers to check our Instagram account or Facebook account (@nanisgelato) for a list of the flavours that are currently available as we post our flavour list on our social media channels every Monday.

We will be rotating over 100 flavours during the 2020 season in our shop and we always have a combination of the following flavours: