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My name is Parry, and my launching of Nani’s Gelato is the result of a decades-long journey.  

As a young child, I can still remember watching my father work though lines of customers in his quick service restaurants.  In my late teens, my father purchased an iconic, local soft-serve ice cream shop. My love for ice cream was born from my memories of that shop: the smell of fresh vanilla and chocolate, excited smiling customers lined up for days.

In 2018, I was talking with my sister-in-law Aneesh about ideas I would be passionate about in starting a new business venture. A mother of two ice cream-obsessed kids, Aneesh herself loves ice cream and has a passion for sweets. We chatted about her struggle to find natural, homemade ice cream for the kids, and we explored several ideas in the frozen dessert category. Within a few months, Aneesh and I made the decision to launch Nani’s Gelato.     

The idea of Nani’s Gelato was officially born in late 2018 with the primary goal of changing the way frozen desserts are served from food trucks in Toronto. Although the process of making gelato and frozen deserts from scratch is time consuming and serving it from a food truck heightens the challenge for proper storage and delivery of a high-quality product, our goal is to serve artisan, handcrafted gelato to customers on the go.

As opposed to using powdered ice cream, pre-made gelato bases, syrups, food colorings, artificial flavors or pre-made products, Nani’s invested in its own commercial commissary kitchen to make all gelato products from scratch on a daily basis, using fresh ingredients. A unique feature of Nani’s is that we produce our own gelato base using a pasteurization machine from Italy specifically designed for gelato production. The process deepens the flavors and allows our customers to literally taste the difference in our production. With a centralized kitchen and the top gelato-making machines in the world imported from Italy, Nani’s focus is on delivering handcrafted, premium gelato in a small-batch, fresh format.

Gelato Toronto – Why the name Nani’s? Why Gelato?

Where does the name Nani’s Gelato come from?

In the language of Punjabi, the word ‘Nani’ means grandmother. Our grandmothers played an influential role in our upbringing. We believe that many people would agree that their grandmothers are chefs, not just cooks. We remember our grandmothers shopping at three to four different grocery stores and markets to make sure they had the freshest ingredients for cooking. They would spend hours preparing, washing everything by hand and chopping each ingredient with precision—a clear passion and love for food and cooking the right way.

We apply the same passion and love to our gelato that our grandmothers did. We shop for premium ingredients, never compromise on quality and focus on making handcrafted artisanal gelato. We take a lot of pride in watching our customers smile as they experience the taste of our final products. 

Why gelato?

Prior to opening Nani’s Gelato, the head gelato producer, Parry, visited a number of training facilities in the United States. Parry visited and completed the Ice Cream Short Course at the University of Wisconsin and learned to handcraft gelato in Philadelphia with an artisanal gelato maker from Italy. Parry learned that when compared to traditional hard ice cream or soft-serve ice cream, gelato is a premium product. Gelato contains less fat and much less air, making the product denser and more flavorful. At Nani’s, we don’t use any artificial colorings or powders, and all our gelato is made fresh daily in small batches. In addition, gelato gives a lot of flexibility in making vegan-friendly and dairy-free flavors as well as using a variety of ingredients to test new recipes and flavors.